Aura Mist UPLIFTING Blend 120ml



Create a relaxing, peaceful & calm space all around you with these unique, native Australian essential oils.
We sometimes just need that extra support to fall asleep after a busy day, lots in your mind or just coming back from an around the world trip.

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Natural ingredients – Native Australian essential oils – cruelty free – Vegan – environment friendly packaging – handmade with Love in Australia

Create a relaxing & uplifting space all around you with these unique, native Australian essential oils.
Ideal to carry with you in your pocket, handbag or even when travelling.
We sometimes need, throughout the day, a moment to relax and recharge our batteries.
Relax ourself, reduce the stress accumulated and be positive for what is to come.

Best to use

Shake well. Take a few deep, slow breaths in & out. Spray in your aura or your room with a few light mists as you set your intention. Spray +/- 40 cm away from your face.


Distilled water, Bio Ethanol Alcohol 95%, polysorbate 20 (Solubilizer), UPLIFTING blend.

UPLIFTING blend is made with pure, native Australian essential oils of Honey Myrtle (Melaleuca Teretifolia), Tasmanian Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia), Blood Orange (Citrus Sinensisvar. Moro)

Essential oils properties: Calming, releasing stress, relaxing the body & mind, Uplifting the mood & thoughts, Anti-depressive.
Essential oils smell: Fresh, citrusy with a sweet Lemon Myrtle smell.

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