Welcome to Align Reflexology and Aromas

I really look forward to providing you with my Signature Reflexology treatments.

I offer an exclusive home visit service anywhere in Sydney and the greater Sydney region of NSW. I am also available at my clinic located in Kogarah. I complement my Reflexology treatments with my own wonderful and beneficial range of carefully hand crafted Aromatherapy products comprising native Australian essential oils, all available directly through this website for your personal use.

ALIGN your Body, Mind and Soul

Feel fully relaxed and energised. Give your body the extra support it needs to heal and feel good through Reflexology.

Connect to nature with ALIGN Aromathearpy Products, all made with Australian native Essential oils.

Client Testimonials

Jill, you are not only beautiful from the outside but also from the inside. I am so glad that I had the honour to meet you and to experience the amazing foot massage you are giving.
I love every second of it, it makes me feel that I was reborn.

I can’t wait for the next session. 

Edith B

Jill has a magical healing touch, she included aromatherapy that made the treatment even more special. After my Reflexology treatmant with Jill, I felt completely balanced, rested and very calm. Mostly, my digestive track was back to normal!

Catalina C

I have had great benefit from the Reflexology sessions that I have with Jill. She has great sensitivity, dedication and I feel a true healing ability, which is a rare thing (I have complex and serious health issues).

Meredith B

I’m absolutely loving my balm from ALIGN Reflexology-Aromas. I had purchased this balm from Jill after an amazing Reflexology session. The scent of the Immune Boosting is amazing! I love it because it’s all natural, no nasties and made by hand from one of the most amazing souls! JILL!!

This balm is now part of my self care ritual. It smells divine and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth.


Equilibrium with Paola