Reduce stress and boost your immune system.
Enjoy a relaxing moment of peace and calm with yourself.

  • My at home Reflexology experience will provide you with a relaxing moment of peace and calm within yourself.
  • Relax, reduce stress and boost your immune system with this personalised self-help online Reflexology session.
  • I will take you step by step through a self-help sequence that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.
  • You will also take with you some relaxing, easy tools you can use on yourself and your family.

My at home Reflexology experience has been created to provide the support, self-care, relaxing time and more to anyone experiencing lockdown, various restrictions and not being able to benefit from an in-person Reflexology session.

This online experience will not replace a Reflexology session, but will support your body, mind and spirit until we can be together again.

45 min per session – $50 

Online Reflexology Booking

Please complete the following form and click the ‘Buy Now’ button. We will then contact you to arrange a suitable day and time for your Online Reflexology session.

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