A selection of testimonials from our wonderful clients

My right hand got suddenly really painful. I wasn’t sure if it was muscular or a kind of arthritis. Jill offered me to apply some of her Pain Relief balm. I could immediately feel a relief! Just a few applications and the pain and swelling were gone.

Karl P

I just had the most amazing in-home Reflexology treatment! Jill has absolutely found her calling, as she is truly gifted, so knowledgable and passionate in her chosen field of Reflexology. Having had several treatments, I can highly recommend Reflexology for specific health issues or a relaxing indulgence.

Kathryn S

Top local reflexologist, Jill Joris works miracles! Highly recommend.

Tim F

I just had the most amazing Reflexology and lymphatic drainage treatment today to help my sprained ankle and battered knee. Jill is incredible. Being a Beauty Therapist myself, I can tell who’s the real deal!

Kim W